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Welcome to the world of Barbara Justice books!

I’ve been lucky to spend my life in two places I love – New York City and the Hamptons.  I split my time between the two, and hope that my love for the Hamptons shows in Anything But Mine.

When I was younger, I enjoyed anything creative:  looking for rocks in the woods and painting them; needlepoint; drawing; knitting; jewelry making; and, yes, making up stories.  Anything But Mine began as a creative outlet – I had a story in my head that I typed out one night when I was bored.  I found myself drawn to the characters I created, and kept going back to them each night, until the story was finally finished.

My inspiration comes from many sources, but most particularly from music.  My taste in music runs from classic rock to new country, and just about everything in between.  I’ve posted a playlist for Anything But Mine on Spotify, and hope you enjoy it.  Some of the songs on the playlist inspired scenes, while others just seemed to fit a particular place in the book.

Please visit my Facebook page and Twitter feed, where you’ll find some of my favorite recipes, and photos of some of my favorite places in the Hamptons.  I’ll also try to keep you updated on news and events.  If you would like to contact me, feel free to do so at